Share the Bible with Kids – Great Gift Idea

Egermeier's Bible Story Book Shopping for Christmas gifts?  Or for birthdays?  Instead of another toy to clutter up the living room, here’s a great gift that kids will love (probably ages 5 and up).  It’s an easy way to introduce them to the Bible and to have a lasting impact on their lives.  I also have recommended this book to new Christians (yes, to adults) as a wonderful way to “catch up” on knowledge of the overall flow of the Bible, the key characters and the most important narratives.  There are even helpful maps and explanatory notes in the back.  My boys look forward to reading a few short chapters each night – in fact, when we’re done I often have to deal with whining and “pleeeeeasssee  Dad… can we read one more!”

On a day off of school they brought it to me after lunch, asking if I’d read more to them.  They knew the story of Samson was next up, and they were already flexing their muscles and talking tough about it!  After reading the three or four stories regarding Samson, we had a nice impromptu discussion about how Samson could have done so much good in his life – he could have been a great leader – but he wasted his strength by making bad choices.    My boys also love the battle stories, of which there are many!

I guess the surprising thing about Egermeier’s Bible Story Book is how deep it is – how much historical detail is included.  Many young-reader Bibles are too simplistic and sanitized – not this one!

What’s best about this book is that I like reading it as well.  Trust me, you’ll want one on your bookshelf, and you won’t go wrong in making it a gift for kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces, students and friends.  And if you happen to be a new believer (or you missed the joys of Sunday School when you were a kid), grab a copy for yourself.

Egermeier’s Bible Story Book /  Also a Kindle Edition is available here.

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