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Dan Jarvis

I have a wonderful wife, seven energetic kids, I grew up in Ohio, I’ve been a pastor, a dad to about 40 foster children, a traveler for fun and for work, a writer, a speaker, a not-very-successful home improver, and a message-content leader for a group dedicated to spiritual renewal (Life Action Ministries).  I am a teaching pastor at Berrien Center Bible Church in Michigan, which I love! I also care immensely about the nation of India, helping advance the mission of India Gospel League, which focuses on village church planting and community transformation.

I like Mexican food, hanging around outdoors around a warm bonfire, drinking Chai Lattes and writing about things that matter.  I also have an unhealthy fascination with all things Star Trek, and I wish they’d make more episodes (or make the movies faster), since scientists recently discovered that there are far more planets in our galaxy than previously conceived.  Shouldn’t that be good fodder for sci-fi writers?  One would think so.

Contact me by commenting below, and if your matter isn’t good for public posting, just post that you want to talk with me and I’ll connect back with you from there, or send me a direct message on Facebook.

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Live long, my friends, and prosper!


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