6:4 Fellowship Workshop Resources

Hello friends!

Thanks for attending Life Action’s 6:4 conference workshop(s) in Denver. All the the links I referenced, and some of the materials I offered, are available below.

From the “Mission Momentum” Workshop:

> Powerpoint of mission-momentum-workshop
> Life Action’s mobilization coaching: www.LifeAction.org/v633
> PDF version of “What’s Next” guide to share with your staff/leader team
> Life Action’s church event teams – a “booster shot” for church health: www.LifeAction.org/summit
> Example of  magazine outreach idea (lifechange-love) to target zipcodes, contact me if you’d like to re-purpose this for your zip code and to see other topics available (addictions, money, stress, etc…)
> “Concept” vs. “Concrete” workshop – going a bit deeper on how to turn concepts into concrete

From the “Spiritual Health of Leadership Teams” Workshop:

> Downloadable personalvitalityplan that Life Action uses
> Link to the StrengthsFinder book by Gallup
> Link to Life Action’s spiritual health assessments/worksheets
> Raw data document from the “expert panel” expert-panel-for-church-health-session
> Powerpoint notes leader-team-health-workshop
> Link to Life Action Summit, which is my favorite option for churches that want health checkup/refresh
> Link to videos on leading & revival, and my free Leadership Kit / ebook – at www.lifeaction.org/lead2016

While I Have You:

> Have you signed up for Life Action’s leader emails? I send encouragement out on themes like these every month. You also can sign up for Revive Magazine (free!)

> Life Action has other outreaches you might enjoy getting to know: Revive Our Hearts, OneCry, Pastor’s Lodge, Family Camp

> Free ebook on global strategy – “Commissioned” by me.  Print-edition for small groups if you want to get your church thinking about Great Commission differently/more broadly.

> An order-able book I highly recommend: “The Kairos Moment” by my Indian friend Sam Stephens on how mission movements begin/sustain. Great to hand to your mission committee/team to move past “missions as usual.”

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