Will Your Domino Change the World?

domino thoeryWhat will it take to change the whole world?

It is easy to believe that big, audacious, overwhelming plans are necessary to make a real impact on a world as complex and populated as ours.  But in this vision presentation for Life Action, I offer another perspective — that one decision in a person’s life not only impacts their own future, but has a multiplying effect that changes more than we can imagine.

It’s like playing with dominoes – if you touch one, you might cause a chain reaction that causes hundreds – or even thousands – to fall.  So, as a Christian who would like to make a positive impact on families, churches, or even whole nations, where should we start?  What is the first domino we should push?

Or, download here: Core Message – Domino Strategy 

Note, this presentation was framed as an introduction to how Life Action’s ministry message helps to change lives. So, there’s a little bit of “insider” speak in this presentation, but I’m sure you’ll get the gist.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!   If you happen to be a pastor or church leader, this talk would give you a good introduction to what Life Action does, and how its team-conference ministry might be of benefit in your church.


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