Conservative Vision – Quick Read Version

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“What will I do with my life?”

The greatest blessing of American civilization is the freedom to consider that question without a king or bureaucrat involved in the answer.  The purpose of our lives can be defined in our own hearts, by our own faith, with our own ideals.  We can marry, have children, start businesses, save money, plant gardens, own guns, build homes, travel the world, worship God and even make mistakes—freely.

This is the essence of our Republic, a nation where no one man or woman is more important than the next.

To properly govern this free society, we select representatives who possess the skills and character to defend American values on our behalf.  They are called upon to lead, but not as “big government” lords—instead, as servants.

Our conservative vision builds a foundation for lasting prosperity on freedom, not on government. 

Where some say, “Let’s fix problems by getting government  involved,” we know that free enterprise and the innovation of individual citizens is the most effective way to solve problems.  This doesn’t mean people are left alone without help— on the contrary.  We want to provide the best roadmap to prosperity available—occasionally that involves government assistance, but usually there is a better way.  Here’s our problem-solving game plan:

1.  Can you solve it (or meet the need)?
2.  If not, can your family or friends help solve it?
3.  If not, can businesses or charities solve it?
4.  If not, can your local government solve it?
5.  If not, can your state government solve it?
6.  If there is no other way, should the Constitution be amended to empower the federal government to get involved?

Rather than look to government first, we see it as the last option for genuinely helping our fellow citizens.  If we jump past personal creativity, family, charity, and business, we forfeit more cost-effective ways to help people, options that also involve friendship, compassion and genuine accountability.  The best help you can get in hard times is the kind that comes from people who know and love you.

If citizens are led to believe that “someone else” will automatically pay for their personal expenses, inevitably some will take advantage of these systems, piling up public debts and fostering harmful dependency.  Society loses its innovative edge and its wealth-building incentives.  And, sadly, citizens lose their drive and their dignity.   People worry that working hard might disqualify them from some government “benefit.”  Attitudes change—from gratefulness and appreciation to wastefulness and a sense of bitter entitlement.   The joy of life is lost.

So, here’s a better way:  Unless the Constitution specifically directs the federal government to take action, then “we the people” must address the issue.

The problem-solving in our society is best handled around the kitchen table, or at a church meeting, or by an entrepreneur.

When government help is needed, local or state governments should meet the challenge.  Each citizen has far more influence at the local level, so the system is more accountable and the solutions are more personalized.  Only a few issues are big enough so as to require federal attention (like national defense, international trade, etc.).

The last line of the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom from overwhelming federal power.  Our founders never wanted the government to become the “center” of our lives — that’s the kind of thing they fought the American Revolution to escape!  They wanted to insure that Americans always had the freedom to ask and answer: “What will I do with my life?”

This is why conservatives want to gradually reduce the scope of federal programs.  This is why when “big government” politicians offer “free” this or that, or “help” for so-and-so, we cringe.  Just look at America’s inner cities, where most of their “help” has been targeted for the last fifty years. Families are devastated, law and order has  broken down, school systems are failing and children are trapped in poverty and dependence.  It is the only life they know.  Many are driven to substance abuse and crime, filled with emptiness and sorrow. Their ability to ask, “What will I do with my life?” has been seriously compromised.   We wish to restore their opportunity.  A conservative vision is needed!

Our conservative vision opens the doors of opportunity to any and all who are willing to enter.

We want everyone to enjoy the best life possible.  This life begins in your own heart and in your own attitude.  It begins when you determine to work hard, to produce as much as you can, to parent your children with excellence and to be a person of integrity.  It begins when you educate yourself and then join with others in business ventures, charities or community groups to  tackle big goals and dream big dreams.

This prosperous life, with all of its endless possibilities, best occurs when you have maximum liberty.  It occurs when your government protects your rights instead of dictating your steps; when instead of envying what others have achieved, you join them in the pursuit of happiness.  Then you can stand with the dignity of freedom, not bow under a yoke of slavery.  The American Dream can be yours, and you can pass it on to your children.

Previous generations fought and died so that you can ask: “What will I do with my life?” 

Today, let’s answer that question.  Let’s fulfill our divine purpose and share the blessings of liberty with a world in desperate need of hope.


4 Ways to Strengthen America

1. Upgrade Your Character —A productive, morally-excellent life is one of the greatest gifts you can give to our nation.  In these uncertain times, we need a new birth of courage and integrity.  We need a renewal of spiritual, moral and national character.  Will you take a step in that direction today?

2. Upgrade Your Wisdom —Many of our early leaders were people of prayer who studied wisdom (like the book of Proverbs in the Bible) and trained their children in faith, history and ethics.  Could you do that?  Could you help build a legacy of faith and wisdom for future generations?

3. Upgrade Your Productivity — A simple way to lift the  economy around you is to ask, “What goods or services could I provide to help people live better lives?”  Beginning with the skills you have, and adding creativity, risk-taking and hard work, you can help build material blessing for the nation and even riches for yourself.  Then, you’ll have even more to share with those in need.

4. Upgrade Your Involvement — “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”- Edmund Burke.   Get involved in the political process — vote, read,   listen, share.  Serve as a volunteer.  Start reading American history and studying the founding fathers.  During election seasons, help those who share our conservative vision win.

Freedom is the best and only proven path to prosperity.  Let’s extend its blessings to everyone, everywhere!


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